Experimenting is Loving the Medium Itself

Trust the Process of the Unexpected.

Common (sometimes too common) in film photography are unintended experiments on the photos you create. Light leaks (rays of light that expose the film when it is not supposed to be exposed, development chemicals bathing areas for too long, or faulty settings can result in "ruined photos".  


But to ruin a photo, you have to have given up on it as well. 


Many of my experiments, whether intentional or not, are some of my favorite pieces. 


I hope that your life is full of the experiment. Trust that the medium you work with is also communicating itself to you, embrace the role of chaos in your craft, and enjoy the unexpected. 

Perhaps we come from a mindset now which doesn't allow for error. 


Constant exposure online, the ceaseless show-and-tell of beautiful and curated content, and the fear of failure may be holding you back from embracing a lifestyle of the experiment. 


Risks will either pan out to be something unexpected and beautiful, unexpected and terrible, or somewhere inbetween. 


But you don't have to show everything you make, you can treasure it or throw it away, or let it sit on a shelf. You decide. Just get out and make. 



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