Pairing Photos, Frames and More

In the world of art, many things look best when they are paired with others in a series, a diptych (two pieces) triptych (three pieces) or simply by themselves in the right frame. 


Below you will find some examples on how to style photos found on my site. 


Of course, if you want some guidance, feel free to drop me a mesage on my contact page and we can find solutions together. 

Displaying the Costilla series together provides a look at similarities and differences within three shots. Triptychs create a flow of art rather than just one statement.

Displaying parts of the Experiments series provides dynamic viewing of photos taken within 5 yards of each other. Making the composition of the two stronger than either individually. 

Some photos truly do stand alone. In these instances, a simple frame which does not distract from the photo and a matte provide a highlighting effect on the whole. 

Larger Pieces

Large collections should be surrounded by a border of wall-space to highlight the art. It is suggested to not run your art directly to the edge of the wall you are displaying on, since you are framing the piece(s) within the context of the wall. Below, you will see an example from the Experiments collection, where the four frames act almost as a single piece within the framing of the environment.



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